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Our tables are simple and straightorward.  They are meticulously designed and assmbled to serve as the centerpiece of any room.  Available in stock sizes as well as custom dimensions to suit your needs.

Coffee Tables

Standing Desks


Designed for people that enjoy the option of working on their feet, standing desks are our most personal and custom product.  We tailor each item's height to the specific person for whom it is built.  You decide the level that is most comfortable for you and we adjust the dimensions accordingly.

With today's extra thick mattresses and box springs it is sometimes difficult to find a nightstand that matches a bed's height.  Our standard pieces are 36 inches tall, but we are happy to adjust their height to suit your needs.

Sofa Tables

With precision joinery and high quality materials our sofa tables are strong and simple, but still elegant.  They could support a truck, but are just as well suited to perfectly display a lamp, magazines, and the remote for your television.  Feel free to contact us for custom sizes.

Reclaimed Lumber Benches

We start with a large piece of reclaimed hand-hewn beam, remove all of the nails and miscellaneous pieces of metal from it, and mill it into the components that make up our benches.  Each of these items is as unique as the antique lumber from which it is made.  The size of our benches often varies depending on the stock that is available.  Oak, maple, hickory, elm, and beech are readily available.  Feel free to contact us with a specific size or lumber species request and we will happily locate a block from which to build it.

Side Tables

The clean lines of our sofa tables will compliment any decor. They are the perfect place to display photos and books, and provide a great spot for your cat to antagonize you from while you try to relax on the couch.

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