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In addition to our pieces made from new wood, our furniture is also available in a variety of reclaimed lumber options.  The stock for these pieces is taken from the structure, flooring, and siding of barns, factories, mines, and other old buildings that have been carefully disassembled.  A majority of this lumber is derived from very old trees that were standing when this country was young.  The original forests of the United States grew very slowly.  The trees grew close together and competed for sunlight and nutrition.  As a result, the lumber has a distinctive color, character, and texture that sets it apart from present day wood which is grown much faster under optimal conditons. Nail holes, knots, checks, and other imperfections tell the story behind these pieces.  These "flaws" make each item unique and beautiful. 

Currently our reclaimed pieces are available in American oak, cherry, walnut, chestnut, and Turkish oak.  Items made from other unique types of lumber are built as rare stock becomes available.  We love discovering the beauty just below the surface of a worn and weathered piece of wood, and often have individual one of a kind items for sale.  The design and size of these pieces are determined by the materials available.  Check our inventory often to see what new and exciting furniture we have to offer.  Alternatively, feel free to contact us with specific requests, and we will do our best to locate the materials to build them.

Recycling old lumber not only creates incredibly unique products, it is also a great way to help the planet.  Reducing the number of trees that are cut every year, and reusing materials that would otherwise have ended up being incinerated or buried in a landfill is an important step in improving our world.  As a result, both the unique furniture, and the Earth itself will remain beautiful for generations to come.

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