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Quartersawn White Oak


At Quartersawn Custom Woodworking we feel that the beauty of our furniture is a reflection of the wood from which it is made.  Every piece is available in quartersawn red or white oak, walnut, cherry, or mahogany.  Reclaimed options include oak, walnut, cherry, chestnut, and Turkish oak.  Because of the natural beauty of these types of wood we insist on applying only clear finishes that accentuate their inherent colors and textures.  Our primary finish is a polymer modified tung oil derived from the nut of the tung tree.  This environmentally friendly finish is easy to apply, durable, and easily repairable should the piece ever be damaged.  With the exception of mahogany, all of our new lumber is sourced from sustainable forests in the North Central United States.


Quartersawn Red Oak

Reclaimed Chestnut

Reclaimed Cherry

Reclaimed Turkish Oak

Reclaimed Oak

Reclaimed Walnut


Wood Options

New Lumber

Reclaimed Lumber

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